Indian Wrecking Crew


The Indian Wrecking Crew story is of three America motorcycle racing champions who rode their Indian "Big Base" Scouts to victory in the post WWII era against the factory machines of Europe and Harley-Davidson. They won races even though the Indian motorcycle company was slowly going out of business in the mid 1950's. Bobby Hill, Bill Tuman and Ernie Beckman were the Indian Wrecking Crew. These three won against all the competition coast to coast on dirt tracks and road courses from New York to California. Let the Indian Wrecking Crew tell you their story of traveling 60,000 miles a year, racing motorcycles with handshifters, hardtail frames at speeds of 100 mph with NO BRAKES!!!! They were legends!!!

Hey all you Indian motorcycle and IWC fans out there... the unveiling of the FTR 750 Scout was a big success for Indian and so was the first race outing with Smokin' Joe Kopp at the controls.  Check out this video of the race in Santa Rosa.










Joe Kopp at the Santa Rosa Mile

History was made again by the Indian motorcycle company on the 25th of September when Joe Kopp raced the FTR 750 Scout. Joe led every heat off the line and into the first turn and really put on a show when he power wheelied out of turn two on his way to a first lap lead. Joe diced back and forth with Harley factory rider Brad Baker before the Harley blew on the back straight sending Brad Baker to the semi. Joe would end up an impressive 2nd place putting him into the Dash-for-Cash which he won giving Indian it's first National win since Ernie Beckman won the last Grand National event for Indian in 1953. The main proved to be a little more challenging for Joe it was long and rough. When it was all said and done he came in 7th place very respectable for the FTR's first outing. All-in-all it was a great event for Indian and Joe Kopp. If you look close at the video you'll see the last Indian motorcycle rider to win a National championship for Indian, Bill Tuman signing autographs next to Joe in the pits. Oh... but the news isn't over yet! Indian announced their 2017 team. They decided on three riders for a tribute to the Indian Wrecking Crew of Bobby Hill, Bill Tuman and Ernie Beckman of the 50's. They are Jared Mees, Bryan Smith and finally BRAD BAKER!!! Can you believe this line-up of talent? When they announced Brad's name people just sat in disbelief as to what had just happened. Indian had just proven to the world how serious they are about their brand and about Flat Track racing. I still can't believe they got Bryan Smith and BRAD BAKER!!! The statement has been made to all the other manufacturers to "up their game" or be left in the dust. See you at Daytona... Keep it sideways! John Holman

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